Ag Fan Systems brought its newest offering for the indoor growing market to The Grow Tradefest in Missouri August 27-29. After more than a year of development, engineering, and testing in greenhouses from Arizona to Pennsylvania, Ag Fan Systems was finally ready to share the BVS20 with the public.

BVS20 boothMike Fehlhafer (Owner/President) was on site for the three-day event.

“It was a great feeling to put such a well-planned product in front of potential customers,” Fehlhafer said. “We designed and built the BVS20 with indoor growers in mind, and this event showed us that we hit the mark.”

Sales engineer Dave Donohoe traveled the country to talk to indoor growers about their needs for air movement.

“Most growers I visited were struggling to provide proper airflow to the vast majority of their crop.  Most also struggled to balance temperature and humidity across their entire growing space.  We set out to design a system that easily solves these two basic problems that growers faced.  Properly placed variable speed fans allow growers to provide the exact airflow they need while perfectly balancing their indoor climate,” Donohoe said.

The Ag Fan Systems crew is looking forward to more shows and events over the next calendar year. If you have any interest in learning more about the BVS20, contact Donohoe at