Exact Airflow

Link multiple fans together, control them together. All BVS fans can be controlled via any 0-10V signal and are compatible with most environmental controllers on the market. The BVS fans can also be controlled by the Breeza dual area fan controller which can handle up to 32 fans each.

High Quality Construction

The BVS fan line is proudly manufactured by Breeza Industrial in Utica, Nebraska.

State of the Art Components

  • Motors – Our high performance brushless (electronically commutated), IP55 sealed motors have a life expectancy of 60,000 hours.
  • Guards – All models include Heavy duty, corrosion resistant guards that provide minimal air interruption.
  • Axial Fans – All models include glass reinforced nylon airfoil blades that are pitch tuned to match the exact power curve of the motor, providing maximum airflow with minimal energy loss.

Fan Placement System

Our broad range of adjustable fan mounts allows you to place fans in optimal locations. Custom fan mounts options are available to fit virtually any application.

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